As an organization, ABN AMRO has decided to adopt Agile at Scale. This involved changing the way the organization is structured, how departments and teams work together and how tools support the ambition to become Agile. We were asked by our client to support a centralized team in the roll-out Atlassian’ Jira and Confluence in the organization.

As part of the centralized team we have setup numerous of things as part of the roll-out:

  • Creating and maintaining a Blueprint for efficiently managing the Jira and Confluence system administration. This involved doing requirement analysis and implement a blueprint on issue types, statuses, workflows, screen schemes and portfolio hierarchy levels
  • Providing on-boarding, basic and advanced training sessions on how to use both tools
  • Writing manuals for the user communities on how to use both tools
  • Coaching Product Owners, Scrum Masters and teams in how to adopt their Agile way-of-working using the Blueprint setup
  • Providing functional and technical support to a 10k+ user community
  • Setup E-learnings for users to learn how to use Jira and Confluence in their own pace

By being part of the centralized team that supports the roll-out of these tools within ABN AMRO, we are basically contributing to the adoption of Agile within the organization. The client values our result driven and pro-active approach to provide new ideas, improvements and safeguard the above mentioned activities.

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